Reactions Pour In to Judicial Council Ruling on Traditional Plan



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A greater matter

There is a more general issue in this culture war than sexuality namely the authority of scripture. Yes, there are parts that seem to reject homosexuality, but then there are parts that seemingly approve of slavery. Of course, people just pick and choose those verses that support their views and ignore others. I do not recall a conservative declaring the Bible to be morally wrong on slavery or even genocide for that matter.

David more than 2 years ago

A response to Bishop Carter's statement

"Bishop Carter of Florida made this observation before the Judicial Council last fall in Zurich, “The Traditional Plan organizes our church around one issue— human sexuality.”

Sexuality has become the defining issue of the church because many, including Bishops and other denominational leadership, would not accept the answer General Conference has been giving for over 40 years! It is progressives and their attitude of "We are right and everybody else is wrong or backwards" who have made sexuality the defining issue of the church. If leadership had done what they are supposed to do and submitted to the will of General Conference on this issue we would not be where we are now. The fact this single item has become the do or die issue for the United Methodist Church shows just how deeply flawed and broken it is.

betsy more than 2 years ago