Organizations Issue Statements, Petitions Opposing Traditional Plan



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Response to Eric

Eric, as a traditional pastor I can tell you that we are all sick and tired of this. We are sick of the horrible names and accusations that the progressives hurl at us. We are tired of the conspiracy theories on how we cheated in the votes. However we will not give up. The traditional beliefs were upheld and low and behold the WCA which was just chomping at the bit for an excuse to leave, did what they pledged and voted to stay and continue the fight. We are not the ones trying to change the church. We are maintaining 2000 years of belief and tradition. I and most of my traditional brothers and sisters also believe that this fight is hurting the church. I know I have a number of members (mostly the highly committed ones) who are thinking of changing denominations due to the vile language hurled at conservatives from the floor of the GC. This battle is killing the church and its ability to continue in mission. The only true solution is for us to split. My prayer is that some cooler heads from both sides will get together and craft an equitable and fair resolution to split the church for the 2020 GC. I know that there is a plan afoot by the progressives to elect enough progressive US delegates to 2020 to be able to push the one church plan. This would require a change from 33% of US conservative delegates to drop below 6% at this years AC's. It will never happen, especially in the South where I live. With the Africans/Asians holding 44% of the votes next year and even more in the future it is clear the progressive side will never win. At this point we should all agree to shake hands and say goodbye.

Scott more than 2 years ago


eric---for one month---listen to J>J> Warren's speech at the 2019 general conference---once/day---if you are not given an 'aldersgate/strangely warmed response...God help you!

a l edwards more than 2 years ago

Safe Harbour

When the WCA was establishing a framework for traditionalist churches they were accused of being schismatic and destroyers of The UMC connection. When the Western Jurisdiction openly defies the policy of The UMC and encourages like minded churches to join with them it is called safe harbor. At least show a small amount of contrition over this flip flop.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Right you are

Intellectual integrity is not a recognized concept in Progressivism.

Dave more than 2 years ago


Which is why making bargains with Progressives is a complete waste of time. There is no promise they are not willing to break.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Progressives need to stop criticizing and start listening!!!

This is a vicious cycle of defiance and reaction. We simply cannot repeat in Minneapolis what we did in Saint Louis. I have come to believe this conflict must end in order to allow both fledging churches to launch into new expressions of Methodism, allowing each the freedom to minister and serve as they feel called to do. And we need to find a way to move into that newness without recrimination. We must return to the conviction that Bishop Carter expressed at the beginning of the conference – that none of the delegates in Saint Louis were ill-intentioned, and that each was prayerfully doing only what he or she thought was best for the good of the church.

The rhetoric following the conclusion of the special General Conference makes clear we are not a unified church and that there is little likelihood that continued legislative action will produce a unified church. Efforts to find a way forward that would result in an end to the conflict so we might separately pursue our principled convictions and visions would be a far more productive use of our time and resources. We remain open to engaging in such a dialogue with persons of good faith.

betsy more than 2 years ago

you wrote ...

"A round-up of some articles as of April 18:"
I think you're a wee bit ahead of the rest of us, Cynthia. We're still 2 days short of the Equinox.

Wayn ew more than 2 years ago

Thank You

Yes, sometimes we tend to get a little bit ahead of ourselves, don't we? Thank you for catching that. I will make the change.

John Astle (United Methodist Insight) more than 2 years ago

Traditionalist US Congregations

I have yet to read anything on this site from pastors who side with the Traditionalist camp. Their voices are critical right now to clarify where their hearts are right now. Yes, we read the individual activists who regularly post here. But none of these people have the gravitas or frankly the clout to place the dialogue in the appropriate context. I don't know if this is intentional on their part as they don't know how to respond to what is going on or if there is something else about to be sprung on the communion that we have yet to read. Either way, for uniformity of reason and in keeping with our traditions I feel that the traditionalist camp owes an explanation to the full body of what their intent is, their feelings on the rebellion occurring, and how we proceed from here if this is to be the new norm.

eric more than 2 years ago

not on this site.

You need to check juicy ecumenism. This site is dedicated to those who want to change the church's teachings on sexual sins and how much our clergy must live lives consistent with those teachings.

td more than 2 years ago