UMC Needs Independent Investigation of Alleged GC2019 Voting Fraud

Investigating Yourself is a Poor Idea



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Don't rule out collusion with the Russians!

Now that Mueller has completed his 2 year Odyssey, he has both time and expertise at chasing Russian rainbows.

Reese more than 2 years ago

Too late

While everyone favors an accurate count, the use of a secret ballot prevents any scrutiny. Delegates seem frightened to let others know how they voted. In Congress, members put themselves on record except for yeas or nays. In any event, the direction of the church is fixed at this point. The resolutions from 1972 will not be liberalized nor the antiabortion rights declarations of the most recent regular GC. The only decision will be to stay or not.

David more than 2 years ago


Senators can also put themselves on record with a vote of "present," as then-Senator Obama was known to do on controversial votes.

The UMC will never emerge from this present conundrum until it can shed its current approach to General Conference as a legislative battleground akin to the U.S. Congress. The emergence of so many caucuses (official and unofficial), interest groups, etc. whose sole purpose of existence is to exert pressure on votes is indicative of our complete failure to be a church that is willing to submit itself to Christ's headship. Our institutionalism is killing us.

John more than 2 years ago

voting irregularities

What Progressives always do when they lose. Voting irregularities. They never lose on the issues. It is always something else. Try winning on the issues once.

Joe Smutts more than 2 years ago