Will GC2020 Be the Death of Connectionalism?



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A split is inevitable

Too many Methodists are dancing around the one true issue, using a series of vague and misleading words to try to define sin as not-sin. Previously the buzzword was contexualization, now to be replaced by connectionalism. The truth is the issue IS human sexuality. The Word is perfectly clear on how God views homosexuality (and other sexual sins, for that matter). For so-called churches to reject the Bible’s prohibitions on homosexuality destroys any authority previously held by said church. No provision is made for “cafeteria Christianity”, where one is free to chose which parts of the Bible are accepted and which can be disregarded. All churches have some error, known or unknown, but to openly embrace apostasy in the name of being “tolerant, inclusive, and welcoming” is to abandon the faith. We are to be in this world, but not of it. God and God’s Word do not change. What was wrong and abhorrent at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah is equally so today. Progressivism does not equal enlightenment. One does not need much discernment to understand that Satan is behind the push to introduce dissension and division in churches of several denominations. My prayer is that church leaders and delegates at the upcoming conference will stand firm and adhere to the Word and their faith. However, my fear is that an ugly and destructive split is unavoidable, leading an unknown percentage of congregations to bow to social pressure and down the path of destruction, which has already claimed many in other denominations.

Steven Johnson 216 days ago

Tired of subject and ongoing debate/mud slinging

Many laity in UMC are so tired of this topic. And for the most part, it is a topic that Clergy and the minority laity on the left and right are driving. The division is being forced by these groups. A really great example for the world!! You would make good politicians. The ongoing onslaught of Hollywood driven social change (“justice” not) is bad enough. But to have a UM legislative body that acts like children is embarrassing and depressing. Are we not to be an example to the world? Any church rule or policy or discipline that purposely calls out a minority and effectively treats them as less than the rest of the population, is closing a supposed open door. Many people are hurting and alone. These are the very people we should be going out of our way to include. My prayer is that our leaders and loud voices take a large dose of humility and let God be God!

Rob 213 days ago


"No provision is made for “cafeteria Christianity”, where one is free to chose which parts of the Bible are accepted and which can be disregarded. "

And yet, I can guarantee that you do this.

We all do.

And Jesus did it too, and you don't even have to read carefully to see it. He contradicts Moses. Subsequently Paul contradicts Jesus [the issue of divorce] - and the UMC is more aligned with Moses than with Jesus or Paul.

Eye for an eye is contradicted to turn the other cheek.
How many offenses in the OT recommend stoning as a punishment? And what did Jesus say about that?

I disregard the parts of the Bible that say I can sell my daughter into slavery. I bet you do too.

So it's not about whether we pick and choose - it's about which pieces we pick and choose. That's a different issue.

JR 213 days ago