How Can We Fulfill a Law We Break?




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I recall learning the words: "Love doesn't keep score...Love never demands it''s own way" Maybe before we go out with the Great Commission to run up the score we might first remember the Great Commandment?

wil 230 days ago

Try paying the bills with love

The church in general and the US UMC in particular has a business model which is dependent upon

Butts in pews and bucks in plates - attendance and giving

My service at two federal prisons as an UM prison ministry volunteer officially counts for nothing. I serve 5% of one prison population weekly and 6% of another. That beats the US UMC (0.8%) and my annual conference of Oklahoma (2.0%) and even the Southern Baptist Convention (1.6%).

Try covering unfounded pension liabilities with live

Richard F Hicks 228 days ago

Jesus did and

suffered the logical consequences.

So many softies break our Discipline and then whine loudly without suffering the logical consequences

Loud law breaking whiners run people off

Today the US UMC only serves 0.8% of Americans

Keep whining and it will be 0.7%

Richard F Hicks 232 days ago

Failure to see and understand the Little Picture

To summarize that article and boil it down to the US UMC "serving only 0.8% of Americans" indicates a blindness to the law of love and the fact that it often requires us to "appear to break the law of God as interpretted by men of God". Men of God have, for countless generations, broken the law of love and justified that inraction by standing on and, often, hiding behind what they point to as the law of God without considering the bias and fallibility of the men who have, past and present, interpretted that law. For generations the MC/UMC have, in parts of this country, viewed and treated minorities and marginalized people as less valuable due to a fact of nature which they have no control over. They did so while spouting lines from a code of laws that appeared to support their stand. Just because these people constitute a small minority of Americans didn't make it any less important to treat them with love and to include them in the family of God. This is what I recognize as seeing the trees for the forest. The big picture is an awesome view, but it's so easy to lose sight of the fact that the big picture is really nothing more than a collage made up of countless little pictures. To judge a group of people, even if that group of people are in the minority, even if that minority is only 0.8% of Americans (a seriously underestimated % btw), is no more right or righteous than to judge any other group of people viewed as "less than" and to use a flawed law as justification for excluding them from joyfully participating in the fellowship of the body of Christ and the sacraments of His body. And make no mistake, just because the law is finally changed, that doesn't mean the hearts of many UMC members will ever change. Just take a "blinders-off" ride around our country and you will still, to this day, find groups of UMC believers who harbor these views of others who are "less than", adhering to old laws and customs and interpretations to support their views. Sometimes these views are vocalized. Much more often they take the form of segregation, glares, distrust, buried feelings of anger and hatred. In our forest, every single tree is a valuable gift of God. How it was made was decided by God. It is up to God to make judgment as to whether a planting is a tree or whether it is a weed and God itself will prune the good from the bad. Until then, we should all be very wary of deforestation, justifying our clearings and cleansings by hiding behind poor and even erroneous interpretations of laws. We should have all learned by now - even most big corporations have learned this lesson - that poorly planned deforestation results in less air to breathe, which results in cloudy thinking. In encourage us all to rethink the law of love, especially during this lenten season, and see how it applies to all of God's beloved children. Amen

Mark Mickey 232 days ago

Law of love packing them in?!

Not so.

I was an Episcopalian the Sunday when same sex marriages became canonically legal.

Gays didn’t pack the pews and join up and haven’t.

The ELCA is gay friendly and it too continues to shrink

If being gay friendly we’re the secret our friends at UCC and UU churches would be renting arenas on Sunday morning to hold the crowds

Put the 0.8% another way

Each week the US UMC is REJECTED by 99.2% if the American population


1. I left the Episcopal Church to join my UM elder wife

2. Between consenting married adults I don’t care who has sex with whom. And since ordination is not important gay/no gay is of no consequence

WHAT MATTERS is fulfilling the Great Commission

Go y’all to 100% of the population making disciples of 100% ...

100% not 0.8%

RichardF Hicks 231 days ago