How Do We End Poverty? A Spiritual Question



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Ending Poverty

The article seems a compilation of talking points on the issue.

As a general rule the Republican party wants private enterprise and the profit motive to solve the problem. Sending it to the states for solution just puts another layer of bureaucracy between the haves and the have-nots. And rest assured the states will farm it out to private organizations each of whom will take a cut.

As a general rule the Democrats want a national standard of care.

The two extremes cannot both be satisfied. Compromise is necessary. The bigger question is not how do we end poverty. It is; How do we get our elected officials to think of America as an entity-of-the-whole rather than as individual parts needed for their reelection and the good of their political party?

And the biggest question; How can a set of elected officials claim for the most part to be Christian and allow this compromise to escape them?

Jake more than 7 years ago

Ending Poverty

Our elected officials are elected locally. They must respond to their constituents or they will be booted from office. Eric Cantor was a national figure and look what happened to him. Secondly, our federal system prefers that states do the real heavy lifting. Powerful central governments lead to loss of liberty.

Kevin more than 7 years ago