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Process of General Conference

Will the 2019 special General Conference make the final decision on the book of Discipline language, or will they simply make a recommendation that will come to the 2020 General Conference for their decision on the matter?

Michael Goodspeed 118 days ago

No Peace

“The Council of Bishops encourages the entire church in this season to hear the words of the apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:3, that we ‘make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace,’” said Bishop Carter....

There can be no "unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace". Every proposed plan provides official approbation for those who purposefully seek to injure LGBT members of the UMC. One cannot 'play nice' with someone who seeks to destroy you.

Ben 248 days ago

Clarification requested

Ben, could you explain to us who is seeking to “destroy you”? What does “destroy you” look like to you? Please also clarify what it means that one cannot “‘play nice’”. Do you intend to play naughty or unkindly? What does that look like? It certainly does not sound loving! I don’t understand.

Scott 246 days ago

GC 2019

Why would it take months to do the translations? I suspect that the delay simply allows for more monkey business by the COB. Yeah, I have trust issues.

Kevin 251 days ago

Time constraints

So at what point should the laity now expect to have the nuts and bolts in writing for each proposal that met the deadline as set forth in our beleaguered Book of Discipline? One gets the sense that those Bishops who control a majority of the COB have lost confidence in an open process by which a majority of the General Conference will vote on what our BOD is to say on the issue at hand. Are they afraid of promoting or rejecting the gracious exit proposals which both sides apparently believe are necessary so proponents of either viewpoint can live with their respective consciences on the issue at hand should the vote not go their way? I'm sorry if I sound mistrustful of our COB but after the colossal "mistake" in the wording of the proposed amendment relating to gender equality, one has to wonder what's truly going on with this group.

John 251 days ago

Forget the BOD

The way I see it from a member of a local UMC. Most of the 32 commission members may be in support of LGBTQ issues, which adds to a biased report. No Christian likes to make another person feel bad and would rather agree with the other side because that takes less resistance or kind of like you do what you want and I won’t stand in the way.
So, less forget the changes the commission wants to do to the BOD in support of human sexual desire. My question would be what part of the Bible the next commission will want to strip out or reword to fit the LGBTQ narrative?
Daniel stood firm over a diet and God honored him mightily. I can only imagine the blessings to the UMC “if” our Bishops took the same stand as Daniel?

Billy 123 days ago

Notable Quotes   

   "God gave us a brain to use and we should not park it at the door when we enter the church. We also look to the traditions of the church to guide us, as well as our experiences collectively and individually as we engage with all of God’s creation. We, of course, are guided by scripture, but not from a highly literalist read of scripture that excludes these other ways of noticing God. An interpretation that focuses on a few passages, but completely ignores other passages does not help us see the fullness of God’s love."

– The Rev. Jack Amick, "Why the Traditional Plan Doesn't Convey Grace."

"We need to be gentle with ourselves and give ourselves permission to grieve continued injustice and denominational harm. Lent is maybe the best time of the liturgical year to pause and sit with whatever we are feeling or not feeling right now, especially before we make big decisions. It brings to mind what the disciples might have gone through in those days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when maybe they could affirm there would be more to the story but did not yet know what new life was going to come forth."

T. C. Morrow in a sermon, "Stay the Course," on Sunday, March 17 at Foundry UMC, Washington, D.C., posted on Facebook.


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