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It doesn't get any simpler than this

If we are such a depraved and harmful church then you should leave instead of expending all your energy and time in trying to force your views on the rest of us.

betsy 129 days ago

Even Simpler is

The Traditionalist Plan. It does NOT come from the Queer Clergy Caucus. In fact the Traditionalist Plan would do away with the Queer Clergy Caucus by means of asking them to resign or defrocking them after they violated their oath.

The Traditionalist Plan does not require any changes to the BOD. It would simply require enforcement of its policies (after all there must be discipline as part of the BOD). There would be no more ignoring those policies you didn’t like.

The Traditionalist Plan simply requires adherence to the same BOD which clergy originally swore an oath to uphold. If they can no longer adhere to that oath, they can leave. It is ridiculous to try and change the BOD because you have had a change of heart AFTER you swore an oath to that BOD. It is YOUR problem, not the UMC’s problem.

So, Rev. Lyall asks what could be simpler than the Simple Plan? Well, it turns out that the Traditionalist Plan is actually simpler than the Simple Plan.

Your loving brother in Christ,

Steve 130 days ago

Love your neighbor

except for the part about loving your neighbor. The Traditionalist Plan is lacking on that score.

Catherine 127 days ago

Not true

Traditionalist Plan gives clergy another opportunity to abide by their oath they took originally to abide by the BOD. That is loving them enough to give them another chance to act in a Godly manner and follow through with what they swore an oath before God to uphold. If they can’t be trusted to abide by their word, they have no credit ability and no place in church leadership.

Loving them does not equal agreeing with them.

Steve 126 days ago

Notable Quotes   

     “I’m sad in 2019 that Jews and African Americans are united by having been slaughtered in their houses of worship in the United States of America. We share many bonds and, unfortunately, this is one of them.”

     –Beth Kissileff Perlman, wife of Rabbi Jonathan Perlman of New Light Congregation at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, quoted in the Charleston Post and Courier. New Light members shared an MLK Day service with Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.


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