Elimination of Guaranteed Appointment Now in Question



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too many clergy?

If there are too many clergy already why the push to bring in "younger clergy"? Will the new policies on effectiveness simply be a way to get rid of those deemed to old? Younger is not necessarily better.

Revic more than 9 years ago

Dealing with ineffectiveness

As I understand the legislation, bishops are required to initiate an administrative complaint if a pastor is found ineffective. If substantiated, the complaint can result in location or other exiting options for the pastor. This option has existed in the Book of Discipline for a long time but it has seldom been utilized. If bishops truly follow through on administrative complaints about ineffectiveness, then the potential abuse of transitional leave to sideline and then exit clergy would not occur. But we shall see.

The reason so many congregations are being led by lay speakers and other paraclergy is the sheer cost of minimum compensation and benefits for ordained or licensed clergy. So many churches are very small and yet resist all options except "hanging on", and they ask the DS for someone to continue worship services. Sending a lay speaker is easier than facing the future honestly with the remaining members, assessing the potential of that church, and asking God to reveal a future with hope. It can be done, but it's difficult, and that's why it hasn't been done too often.

Jeanne Devine more than 9 years ago

Meaning of "appointment"

One thing I missed during our Tampa experience was the insertion of a qualifying word that changes the meaning of "appointment."

Appointments have always been to a ministry, usually a local church or chaplaincy or to the Cabinet. Other statuses like Leave of Absence and retirement were not considered appointments because the clergy session had to vote to allow those statuses.

But now it appears "missional" appointments are to ministries and "non-missional appointments" includes transitional leave of absence. I may be misunderstanding the ever-changing terminology by which we operate. But if I have this right, the word "appointment" is coming to mean anything bishops may want it to mean and they can then avoid having to tell pastors they are "unappointable." While that was illegal, many bishops have gotten away with it in recent years. It appears under the new legislation that bishops can just "appoint" pastors to transitional leave.

That is not only a significant change of the traditional meaning of "appointment" but approaches the "1984" redefining of words to mean their opposites.

Rev. Jerry Eckert more than 9 years ago

Paragraph 334.1

I feel that the Committee forgot to study this paragraph so that the vote on eliminating guaranteed appointment is in contrast to what was voted on and what is the reality.

I am a layperson but I have been following happenings at General Conference 2012 by cocmputer so I hope the Judicial Council will take this into consideration as they meet in October.

Inday Day more than 9 years ago

number and use of clergy

If there are over 700 more clergy than openings, then WHY are some congregations being led by lay speakers instead of clergy????!!!!!!!!!!!

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago