Apportionment Collection Rates Down after GC2019



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Time to be intentional and circumvent the so called agencies

Time to be intentional and circumvent the so called agencies, send your money where you want it to go directly. If it goes to general apportionments, you can only hope at best it will get there. I have no faith in the administration as so many have their own agenda. If we do not split soon, other denominations will certainly prosper. The admins are only worried about the money they want, not what would be truly best for congregations to make disciples for Christ. You only have to look at the failed plan that the bishops tried to cram through, "since they thought they knew best". Please, this is absurd.

Lyn more than 1 year ago

...and in other news, how's attendance tracking?

Of course the giving is down. What did they expect? The naivite of these UMC elites would embarrass a day care class. I suspect that part of the money down is that attendance is down. Folks tired of the fighting are trying other churches. All the king's horses and all the king's men are looking at UMC bishops and saying, "Seriously?"

Reese more than 1 year ago

Cen Con donations down

Not surprising

For several years I gave $10,000 each year to South Sudanese Special Advances.

In the penultimate year I called the Gen Board of World Missions when I noticed on their website my designations had not been funded TEN months after I dropped the check in the plate on January 1

Come to find out senior pastor Bob Long bishop Jimmy Nunn and the boys in Atlanta had LOST my $10,000 gift!

The next January 1 I sent my $10,000 directly to Atlanta on January 2. EIGHT weeks later I called Atlanta. The Gen Sec’s assistant said they’d been busy and hadn’t had time to deposit my check

These UM elites are bleeping the last the least and the lost

As Jesus said

Those who are incompetent in the little things will be incompetent in the big things

Thank yoy

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

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