Bishops Look at Financial Sustainability



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Episcopal fund

Here are some ideas to consider;

-Set a minimum size. Any conference with a weekly attendance of less than 75,000 does not qualify to have a bishop.
- Any bishop declared unlawfully consecrated by the judicial council receives zero pay.
-Each conference must support the bishop’s housing, travel and office staff from within its own conference budget.

That ought to get them started. Could stretch the Episcopal fund another few years with these measures.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Great Idea

Kevin, that is a great idea. Why do conferences that uphold the Discipline have to finance a small, biblically defiant conference or jurisdiction? The number of Bishops is way out of proportion to declining membership. Additionally, with the lack of leadership from the Bishop ranks in the last 40 years why keep them. Any Bishop that fails to uphold the Discipline should be removed immediately with forfeiture of salary, retirement, and benefits.

Jeff more than 1 year ago

All bishops' gross pay should be one percent

All bishops' gross pay should be one percent of plate offerings and donations in her annual conference(s).

Bishop expenses become part of her annual conference operating budget.

Bishops - you better get to working the market in your appointment.

More butts in pews. More bucks in donations.

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago