Bishops: No New Episcopal Elections Until 2022



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Translation: "We're Hangin" On To Our Cush Jobs Long As We Can

"We are chosen..." marks a new low in bishoptorial arrogance! Laughable! "Bishops" have managed to shelter lots of careers and retirement packages over the 5 decades that the UMC has been debating and dying. While bishops ponder, the members wander. Back when I was an active member, I often wondered what exactly a bishop did. We saw him once ever couple of years. He shook hands like any politician. Gave exhaustive prayers and exuded eloquent visions which have never come to be. Even my dad, a long-time UMC Sunday School teacher and Sunday School Super used to laugh about bishops. And now, they have the temerity to suggest "chosen"? LOL

Nero and his fiddle must be jealous!

Reese more than 1 year ago