Board Moves to Slash General Church Funds



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"Let's Make A Deal" - "if you Africans vote FOR the 2-church plan, we will restore some allocations..."

Would the UMC be so hard-handed negotiators? Of course! Progressives are determined to win that Two-Church vote as that is the major step toward their ultimate goals. I was born at night, but not last night!
Of course, I do not ignore the dramatic decrease in attendance, plate, membership and church closures beating church openings 3-to-1; all small harbingers of big things to come in 2019. There is simply less money in the pot now and will be alarmingly less in the years to come.

Reese 360 days ago

Too few votes

Your much despised progressives do not have the votes to pass anything or else we would not have reach the present situation. These actions are very likely a very prudent belt tightening given the great uncertainty over what will happen next year as you mention in your last paragraph.

David 358 days ago


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