Mississippi Bishop Announces Decision on Breakaway Church



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What is Right

This is so like the Reformation. The Roman Catholic Church was wrong to sell indulgences. The United Methodist Church is wrong to allow immoral ministers and bishops. Since the church is wrong, it should allow the congregation to keep their building and continue to worship God in their own place of worship. The General Conference will hopefully put an end to immoral living by the clergy so churches will stop feeling a need to leave to worship God in a way that follows His statutes.

Skipper more than 3 years ago

Breakaway church

Following the model of The Episcopal Church. That didn't work out too well. Will the breakaway church fight this in court?

Kevin more than 3 years ago

Some graceful exit

The COB obviously has no intention of allowing Methodists who can't agree with their strong arm tactics to foist the "do what feels right" model on the denomination to leave graciously. At least Rev. Childs had the integrity to resign his credentials when he could not in good faith agree with the position taken by his Bishop, which is more than one can say about the openly lesbian Bishop and the various conferences who disdainfully thumb their collective noses at the collective wisdom of General Conference. He is obviously a man of honor. I wish him and his congregants who will likely leave the very best on their spiritual quest for Scriptural Methodism. I can't help but feel this is just the beginning of a mass exodus of congregations from the UMC.

John more than 3 years ago

Lopsided vote to leave

I read on the website for the Mississippi Conference that the vote by this Church's congregation to leave the UMC was lopsided, over 170 voting to withdraw and only 6 voting to stay. Not sure how that translates into maintaining a "strong presence" in that particular community. Regardless, how sad since I suspect this congregation could have remained essentially intact if there were two Weslyan denominations from which to choose to belong. How depressing to consider what I imagine to be a lovely older church sanctuary occupied by six people.

John more than 3 years ago

New church opportunity

Perhaps a new crowd of people who feel marginalized by people like those 170 will show up! Maybe the new pastor will strive to make everyone feel welcome and loved. Sounds like something Jesus would do. <3

Mary more than 3 years ago

Mary, it's possible

Mary, you're absolutely right. Perhaps the interim pastor can double or triple his congregation, breaking all records for congregational growth in the UMC. That would give him, what, 12 or 18 members? And I'm guessing since this is in a more rural area of a very conservative state, that sanctuary will be flooded with people who don't view Scripture from a Traditional perspective in the near future. Hope is important. However facts are facts. Over 170 members got fed up with the dithering and voted to leave. I suppose "Progressives" aren't that concerned about them, but I have a hunch they'll be just fine. Would it not have been better, however, for these good folks, the 170 and the 6, to have had the option of two Weslyan denominations from which to choose instead of tossing the majority out into the street?

John more than 3 years ago

do not open thy mouth

more like 70 have been attending. The pastor sows seeds of discontent wherever he goes.

Phillip more than 3 years ago

Who is being marginalized?

Mary. Please consider that those of us who derive our theology from God’s Word as presented in the Holy Bible rather than by contemporary human wisdom and “progressive” ideology are the ones who are being marginalized by by the UMC as it transitions into a “progressive” denomination at the manipulation of leadership that has run amuck in its theological derivation.

Scott more than 3 years ago

more attendees

The attendance has run around 70 so much more than 6...

Phillip more than 3 years ago