Judicial Council’s Spring Meeting Cancellation Raises Questions



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Will we notice a difference?

Makes perfect sense to cancel; the Judicial Council has failed to really uphold the Book of Discipline in years. Why just meet to eat? I applaud their (belated) honesty.

Reese more than 3 years ago


What even more troublesome is that when they do make clear and decisive rulings, those rulings are simply ignored by those given the explicit authority to uphold and enforce them.

John more than 3 years ago

Indeed, irrelevance by absence

Thank you, John, for a great point. The Judicial Council has become a most irrelevant clique, doing nothing to interfere with the cancer of liberalism which now metastasizes in the UMC. I wonder if they ever tell their family and friends, “I am among the most irrelevant people on this or any planet.”

Reese more than 3 years ago