Publishing House Moves Pension Plan, Sells Campus



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Out w/ the Old ... In w/ the New?

Guess its just reality. Once upon a time churches very much needed and were substantially helped by a strong do it all denominational structure, of which printing was a requisite service. Local churches simply could not produce the printed materials needed for effective ministry, discipleship, etc. That is now no long the case. Any church can either produce its own materials or cooperate with several other churches to produce needed materials, not just printed but videos, etc. There is now very much less need for any overarching top down denominational structure. Across the world, this reality is becoming more the norm as once thought indispensable denominational institutions increasingly find themselves behind the curve ... like a Model T car on a road designed for the Tesla.

bthomas 12 days ago

no loss

Not much of a loss here. The materials are theologically shallow. Lifeway materials are much more suited for serious Sunday School study.

Jeff 15 days ago