Traditionalists, Bishops Talk Church Future



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There is no staying together

The Traditionalists are concerned that the US Center and Left are leaving. This will greatly diminish the monies available for ministry within their core constituencies. So understand that the talk of unity is a power play to force the left to accept a polity and cosmology that is hardly Methodist and more Baptist like. The right has the votes to enforce the doctrinal standards. But they don't have the power to keep people, churches, colleges, and other center and left-leaning organizations in the denomination.

I grew up in the UMC. I was taught that the Blood of Jesus covered everything. We didn't sing songs about Jesus' Blood covering everything but... No, I grew up believing that God through Christ saved the world and that God as being itself was in charge of the whole of creation.

But now I am challenged by all the Christians who insist that God is not the center but polity itself. That saddens me. The Bible discusses many things that are perfectly fine but today we would find abhorrent like slavery. I admit that I am torn. I love God more than a brand of Church. I believe God can do anything and has a plan that is beyond what we even read in the Bible. I hope that whatever new comes it brings us back to our roots.

eric more than 2 years ago


Sure would be nice to see some American bishops in this photo.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Trust deficit

I keep hearing about a trust deficit between the Traditionalists and the Bishops (overall, not necessarily the African bishops or any other subgroup).

I think there's a very similar, very strong trust deficit being found among the progressive and some moderate members towards the leadership of the WCA, Good News, etc. My cynical side wonders if part of this power play with doctrine is also a way of filling personal ambition.

On that, I wonder if the Traditionalist Leadership (Boyette and Lambrecht are noted here, I know a few other names that could be included, but I'm sure someone could come up with a better and more comprehensive list) would be willing to be excluded from potential promotion to Bishop if the Church doesn't undergo a full split. If it's a full split, then the Trad side can do as they please, but even a loose Connectional Conference style plan would keep us linked in certain ways.

I think that such a limit would greatly reduce a trust deficit here.

JR more than 2 years ago