Yellowstone Conference Facing Financial Crisis



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Being the canary from a different perspective

It can also be stated that embracing a "new and improved" sexual ethic has not helped it either.

Betsy 276 days ago


Once the Western Jurisdiction removes Ms. Oliveto from her unauthorized position they can save quite a bit in bishop expenses. That ought to close the budget gap.

Kevin 276 days ago


Why would you suggest removing The Right Rev. Karen Oliveto from her position? I have followed her for over a year on Facebook, and she is a devoted servant of God, always on the go, always praying, always helping others. As a Methodist Christian she leads by example! If anyone is worth their pay, she is!

Larry Lewis 216 days ago

Media headlines

Methodist bishop thinks Jesus was a bigot - I would leave the Methodist denomination if I leave in area, lucky for me, I live in the SE

mike 195 days ago