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Jesus Christ is not a Proper Names

We conclude our prayers, often, "In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord." Such an identification is linguistically inappropriate and theologically incorrect. His name was/is, Jesus (so often referred in the gospels, as Matthew 1:21 and many other places). His title and mission, "the Christ." (Mark 8:21 You are the Christ [the Messiah.] King John is quite proper; John King, were we referring to the sovereign, would be incorrect. Our prayers, when referencing the second person of the Trinity, ought to be, "Jesus, the Christ, or simply Christ Jesus."

The Reverend Doctor Dwight E. Conrad, OSL more than 7 years ago

Lighten up

Ronald Reagan was not "The Gipper" either. And in a St. Patrick's Day Speech, Richard Nixon once claimed his wife Pat was born Mary Catherine Ryan. Of course, sometimes it doesn't work that way: Beyoncé is really Beyoncé.

George Nixon Shuler more than 6 years ago