IRD Angers Ex-UMR Subscribers with 'Renegade Bishop' Mailing



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Email or postal mailing?

From the illustration and other text in this story, it seems that the list(s) sold to the IRD were postal, rather than electronic addresses, and that the unsolicited item was sent via the USPS, yes?

David Topping more than 7 years ago


You are correct. The unsolicited mailing was sent via the U.S. Postal Service.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 7 years ago


I get all types of unsolicited mail and email. My mailing list information has more transactions logged than Wall Street. If this is what gets you upset you have a very small glimpse of the world. I own a trash can, my email has a delete button and they both work. If you are upset about the mailing list being sold you need to talk to UMR since they are the ones who sold it. Being upset at IRD for purchasing what the UMR put up for sale seems a bit hypocritical.

John Smith more than 7 years ago

How much and who paid the bill?

UMR Inc, the previous publisher of UMR (not the current folks) report that they sold the mailing list to IRD as a last-ditch sell-the-assets to provide some severance pay to their employees. OK. But how much did they sell the list for? And who provided the money that IRD used to buy it?

John Welch more than 7 years ago

IRD mailing

Thanks you so much for publicizing this! It is appalling and unethical on the part of IRD but not surprising, and apparently not technically illegal..

Nancy R. Smith more than 7 years ago