‘Sacred Resistance’ Seeks to Energize United Methodist Social Action



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If it looks like a political action committee, sounds like a PAC and acts like a PAC then it is a PAC. Time to give up that tax exempt status and be honest about who they are; an anti-Trump lobbying group.

Kevin more than 4 years ago

Foundry (PAC)

Kevin - it seems you don’t understand what a PAC is. It’s about money. Bundling money for political causes.

It also seems you don’t understand the mission of the church. Feeding hungry people, sheltering homeless people, supporting LGBTQ people, advocating for immigrants - that all is part of the work Christ has called the church to do.

So if carrying out the mission of the church rather than [collecting] political money is the definition of an anti-Trump lobbying group, better that all churches become the same.

Richard more than 4 years ago