An Open Letter to My Parents' Pastor



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Open letter

This situation is deeply saddening. How does the UMC better explain that all are welcome to the church? How does the UMC better explain that Jesus did not practice affirmational inclusion; he practiced transformational inclusion. He reached out to those on the margins, those who were sinners, and he changed their hearts. He did not affirm sin. We are all sinners. It is clear that those who have made a lifestyle of LGBT practice do not believe that they are sinning. That is the issue. Yet Biblical teaching is clear. God loves us all and he wants what is best for us all. We are to love each other with an unconditional "agape" love and we are to proclaim the truth. How does the UMC do that when there are those who don't want to hear the truth?

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

Pastor telling the truth

I noticed a lot of "I this" "I that" "we this" "we that" in the letter. Sadly that is a worldly attitude. Very little was said about what the Lord expects us to do. The Lord tells us that we must separate ourselves from the world whatever is not like God. The Lord has never supported LGBT behavior---read the Bible to discover this. My hat goes off to the pastor who spoke truth from the pulpit! He is cleansing the congregation of those who do not want to follow the Lord's ways, which is what Paul tells the Corinthians to do in their churches--get rid of the bad sheep so the faithful are not tarnished with their ways.

Joe McFee more than 4 years ago

Draw the circle wide. Wider still!!

I call it out as what it is. Bigotry, nothing less. “LGBT behavior” you say? What “is” LGBT behavior?

LGBT people grow as any other baby, child, teenager, adult does. They work, serve, learn, and have the same capacity to love or hurt others as any other.

The ONLY thing that separates them from the straight population is the fact that they are not attracted, sexually, to others in the same way.

That’s just a simple truth. It’s not contagious. Kids don’t “learn” in their teens (or before) to be aroused by their same sex friends or celebrities, they either are or, for the vast majority, they are not.

You espouse the removal of people from the church because Paul said such to the Corinthians... the response has to be Acts 15.
Draw the circle wide. Open hearts, minds, and doors. All are welcome, including black sheep. Especially the black sheep! May it be so. Amen!

Ste more than 3 years ago

What did he say?

I note that she never says what it is that the pastor actually said. She simply says how it made her feel. This makes it very difficult to evaluate the situation properly.

Jeff Adel more than 4 years ago

Very articulate and inforative

There are thousands of personal stories like these. And they exhibit well the hatred which is inherent in fundamentalism.

Now, the fundamentalists assert that by casting out gays, they obey God. But, if that is true, it certainly shows the utter worthlessness of such an evil false god. No God worthy of the name casts people out for who they love. It exhibits well the narcissism of fundamentalism, which believes "We and our friends are forgiven for anything and everything. But we are absolutely disgusted by the ordinary sexuality of everyday men and women." That's a paraphrase from Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s "Welcome to the Monkey House." But The Austin Lounge Lizards stated in more succinctly in a song titled "Jesus Loves me, but He Can't Stand You.".

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago

Both ways

The loss goes both ways. I except all people in the church and let God do his work without my judgement. I have actively invited homosexual to our church who were tossed aside by the LDS church and wanted their children to attend Sunday school. Having said that, I find the Bible is very clear that participating in homosexual activities is a sin and must be acknowledged as such. This means we repent and go and sin no more ( hard to do as we all tend to have to keep repenting). My church is mostly conservative and I am also on staff there. My family and most likely the majority of the church would leave if we don't at least acknowledge the act of homosexuality as a sin. So of course UMC losses everything thing they do just like this article discusses. Please don't respond with the some scripture verses. If you don't agree then pray for me for clarity as I pray daily for those who believe Jesus is ok with it. Yes Jesus loves everyone as a parent loves their own children, but that does not mean you like or condone what they do.

Dale Baruth more than 4 years ago


I don't not know You, but every word of your open letter speaks truth. I have the great good fortune to belong to a Methodist congregation in which all are loved and LGBTQ couples are married and cherished.Please know that even at this distance you and your parents are loved. May God bless you in your new endeavor. You do not give your geographic location, but I am in Chicago. If you or your parents find yourselves in this vicinity, please come to the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple and tell them that Beth Jacobs sent you. I am not in church as often as I would like because I am severely disabled, but they will welcome you as my guest. God bless you.

Beth Jacobs more than 4 years ago

Thank you!

Kudos, Carrie! Thank you for so elegantly explaining exactly why the UMC must reverse its negative philosophy and rhetoric regarding the LGBT community. Of this topic, at least, change is not an option.

I've personally waited for the UMC to extend the love of Christ to me since 1972. I will no longer wait.

Ben U more than 4 years ago

An open letter..

Thank you so much. Respectful and clear. Blessings to you and our parents.

David Mercer more than 4 years ago

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