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Online Communion

I find this discussion problematic As one of the rare individuals who has read THIS HOLY MYSTERY, I am aware that the majority of the clergy have not only not read it, but if they have, it didn't make an impression. Nor have they read THE DUTY OF CONSTANT COMMUNION.

We as a church hold Communion in such low regard that it doesn't matter if we miss a few weeks or not. We have churches missing for 12 weeks or more on a regular basis, so what's the big deal all of a sudden ??????

I have taught classes using the above documents. I don't find much objection from the laity about celebrating Communion every Sunday (see Acts 20:7), but I do from the clergy. Why?

They don't want to give up their precious preaching time. To be honest, after 10-12 minutes I start drifting off. I I suspect a lot of people in the pews are like me.

I think it interesting that English Methodist were reported to walk 10 miles in the rain to receive Communion. Imagine any of us believing that Communion is that important.

Let the clergy enjoy their long Facebook chats and not cloudy up the issue with questionable practices. Should we or shouldn't we??? I don't know. I'm not about to put limits on God as to how he grants his Grace. But, by all means, Communion should be the first thing on the menu when we start back with in-house worship.

I'm willing to bet over half of our churches will not be celebrating then.

Anglo-Methodist more than 1 year ago

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