Confronting 3 Crises: Pandemic, Racial Reckoning, and Political Violence



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The current mode of handling race relations--laying the problem on white people--is going to cause racial reconciliation to lose ground. A black gentleman I have known for years, and who has always viewed the race problem as a two-sided problem, reported that he is being treated the worst he has been treated in years. There is no rampant white supremacy. Even minorities are beginning to push back against who they call "white saviors". The choice is clear: stop trying to fix the problem with heavy handed tactics that lay the problem on whites who are not responsible for the problem in the first place or see this country erupt in record breaking racial violence. There is an observer out of Canada who wants to know why everything in America has become about race; what happened to the melting pot? My daughter who cruises social media has said she has never been so aware of race in her 30+ years of life. Stop segregating us; stop making this a "you" problem and make it a two-sided "us" problem. Wake up and truly listen to a different viewpoint for once.

Orter.T more than 1 year ago