Dispute over Glide Church Heads to Court



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Unusual church

I happened to visit Glide in the course of attending pipe organ recitals back in the 1980s. Even then, I found things visible in the church to be rather unlike the many other churches I had seen.

David more than 2 years ago

WCA out

If the denomination loses the Glide suit expect that all the WCA congregations to bail. This may resolve the schism issue with minimum pain.

Eric Pone more than 2 years ago


Points to ponder. (1) Kudos to Bishop Carcano who fights a battle she cannot win on the popular basis in the Bay Area. I wondered a decade ago why the fine Glide website made no mention of Jesus, and even friends on staff and in the congregation were confused. The bishop's willingness to tackle a flagship dysfunctional church (with 20% of the entire conference membership) is courageous. No SPRC, trustees, finance, church council, no holy communion or valid baptisms in Sunday celebrations? Whew. (2) This kindles a painful question. Did the WJ delegates know any of this when they elected Karen Oliveto unanimously as bishop? If not, why not? If so, then why did they elect an elder under whose leadership this situation grew, or metastasized. The pride of electing the first lesbian may be offset if not canceled by the realization that the entity once called Glide UMC essentially ceased to exist on her watch. (3) No matter what, the community services to the poor and marginalized conducted at and through Glide will continue; no one from the conference, or the Glide Foundation or anywhere else will broker any agreement that leaves the poor on the curb.

bob more than 2 years ago

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