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What about our society, our culture, our future?

Liberal Methodists, as well as conservative traditionals, want to focus on Biblical interpretations in this fight about the direction of the UMC. That's only part of the issue.
I am among those who consider "the church", any church, any denomination, as important foundations in our society or culture or whatever you might call this mass of humanity which has to live together in some organized format. "The Church" was once the moral compass for us, the first authority of "right vs wrong". Now, so many churches have caved to what has been historically wrong, that what is right is branded as wrong.
So, don't think this reluctance to accept what is generally called "queer" to now be accepted as "normal" is based on solely Biblical interpretation. It is also thousands of years of norms, moral traditions, and common sense which organize a societyor culture.
Furthermore, those who seek "church" acceptance of things long forbidden will not find moral validation or legitimization of their lifestyle. We who were "the church" have left the church in disgust.

Reese more than 1 year ago

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