Open Letter to California-Nevada Conference Concerning Glide Memorial UMC



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I had a feeling something like this was happening, but didn't know the extent. If you look at their website there is no mention of God, Jesus, salvation, or any of the normal words indicating it's a church. Sad.

Sarah more than 3 years ago

By their fruit you shall know them

They serve the poor, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, visit those in prison, welcome all of the marginalized in society, and love everyone. In a place such as this, it should be obvious that you find those who love God and follow Jesus Christ.

Brian more than 3 years ago


i just found out about this today from a link in an article about the vote by the UM regarding gay marriage.....just for the record...i am not gay......i rediscovered my methodist roots at glide in the 60's...and am appalled and heartsick to see this development. i can only conclude that the UMC has followed the recent and terrifying trend in this country of moving to the right politically. when i read that glide "isn't following the rules", i can only respond with THEY ARE FOLLOWING THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS....isn't that what christianity is all about....evidently, not these days! i have no more words as i am so incredibly aghast at these developments and i don't believe for one minute there's not more to the story. who is this new bishop and how dare she be touted as "the first hispanic......" how hypocritical is that for a member of an oppressed, marginalized minority to "identify with the oppressor"...and, that is a psychology term not political

mikki broughton more than 2 years ago


A church that does not do baptisms or communion and has only a remnant of Methodists, sort of. Apparently this was OK. And out of this dysfunctional mess we get a bishop. But when they refuse to open the books and report on finances then the hammer comes down.

Kevin more than 3 years ago

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