Schism Threat Has Some Churches Caught in Middle



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Why the push to choose?

This article seems to show that people in the pews are not all that invested in this controversy, treating it as a "potato" "tomato" difference of pronunciation. They sit side-by-side with their differences of opinion and try to be faithful. This leads me to ask: If the pews are not pushing the UMC to decide to whether the stay together or split, then just who is behind the push? Could it be that the issue is at least being helped down the road by those who are motivated to maintain institutional continuity and viability? Could it be that viable jurisdictions (ex., SE) seek to prune away other jurisdictions with dwindling metrics? And could it be that to avoid the unchristian/uncharitable discussion of "pay up or get out", the solvent jurisdictions fan the flames of this social issue to create a fire to force a stay-or-go proposition? If all of these questions answered in the positive, then my wish is that we can talk frankly and openly about reorganizing effectively a denomination with tumbling numbers rather than ducking this hard number-crunching task to instead push a moral/ethical showdown, especially when the pews are willing to continue engaging the issue without such a showdown.

B St Clair more than 2 years ago

There Is A Way Forward Void of Schism

There is a way forward void of splitting: 1. Leave the Book of Discipline as is; 2. Have Biship Oliveto resign and turn in her credentials; 3. Have disobedient clergy resign, turn in their credentials or face church trial; 4. Rededicate the church to being Christ's voice in the wilderness; and 5. Have each clergy member and new clergy candidates profess the up holding of the current language on marriage and sexuality as listed in the Book of Disciple. No split required.

Jeff Lucas more than 2 years ago

3 options

Every church, every single church, should have 3 options, not 2: Join a progressive Methodist denomination, join an orthodox Methodist denomination, or become an independent free standing church. The last option would solve the difficulties facing the closely divided church.

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

the enemy hates clarity more than 2 years ago


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