Sexual Abuse in UM Scout Troops is Nearly Non-existent. Let's Keep It That Way



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For every reported case there can be many unreported cases. Sexual abuse can bring a lifetime of pain and suffering. An example is the man who started the first “gay church” in California. He was abused by his Step-father in Florida. At age 15 he ran away from home, but was never able to return to the way he was. On the advice of a minister, he got married, but that didn't help. He still had thoughts that he could never rise above. He experienced divorce, loneliness and a lifetime of pain and suffering that all went back to the abuse he received as a child.

Anonymous 266 days ago

Let's Hope

Let's hope there are no unreported cases as such abuse can lead to a lifetime of problems for victims.

Skipper Anding 268 days ago

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