When Doctrine Hinders Mission



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If what you say is true...

Then why are the denominations that have already embraced same gender marriage--Presbyterian Church (USA), Episcopal Church, United Church of Christ--are experiencing an accelerated numerical decline after they changed their stance? Why is the Western Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church numerically smaller than some conferences in the more conservative/orthodox Southeast Jurisdiction? Why are more orthodox denominations such as Assemblies of God, The Wesleyan Church and the Anglican Church of North America are at least holding their own or are growing? I know for a fact that during the last three years the Wesleyan Church has experienced at least three consecutive years of record breaking growth here in America and around the world. Explain this comment made by a United Methodist who lives in the Western Jurisdiction after the election of Karen Oliveto:

“We live in the Western jurisdiction and my husband is a UM elder, having recently stepped away from parish ministry. We are so tired of the shenanigans of the UMC, so sorely disappointed in the UM churches in our community that we now attend an Anglican Church. We are about the oldest congregants (61 years old) and marvel that so many young people are finding their way to a highly liturgical communtiy of worshippers. We love the orthodoxy of the ACNA and the vibrancy of this local church! "

Betsy more than 5 years ago

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