NEJ Commits to Uphold Rights of All, Including LGBT



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NEJ stands for justice

Insight wrote: "The Rev. Larry Baird, Upper New York Conference delegate, said he had been in conversation with Campbell and others but opposed the resolution. “I believe this simply escalates the tension and escalates the battle,” he said."

This is pretty much what the loosing team always says.
It is wonderful to see this portion of the church understanding that the issue is not one of 19th century pseudo-science, but the real and eternal search for both justice and grace in a religious body who'\se existence in the world has always been at its best when it understands and undertakes that search.

Go forth, people, in prayer and song, to follow the faith, to bring fairness to the oppressed, and love and caring to all.

Anne Ewing more than 9 years ago

God called all,

Church policy has been wrong so many times: slavery, women be quiet-don't preach or teach, people who are not white go make your own church.........
Current rules on sexuality are SO WRONG: Jesus said "Come unto me all you who are heavy laden" with no qualifier saying "Except you who are lesbian, gay or tansgendered."

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago

A question for Howard

Howard, I'm curious on what basis you believe God is telling you that you are right and the church has it wrong. Peter had stood in the presence of Christ and been told to spread the gospel. On what basis are you saying God has told you to take the position you have?

Frank Miller more than 9 years ago

UMC "position"

Yes, that's exactly it. The "position" of our church is an oxymoron - no more
and no less.

Robert Eldred more than 9 years ago

Scriptual Authority

A delegate at the Northeastern Jurisdictional gathering asked for a clear scriptual argument for the resolution "to offer the ministries and sacraments of the church to all persons on an equal basis" even though this would be contrary to the Book of Discipline. This is provided by Acts 5:29 where Peter and the apostles told the council of elders that "We must obey God rather than human authority."

Howard Hallman more than 9 years ago

positive step for equality

This is significant. It encourages me as I am in Western PA, one of the more conservative annual conferences in that jurisdiction.

jeff conn more than 9 years ago