3 Reasons Why Itinerancy Is an Idea Whose Has Come ... and Gone



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What about the rural churches?

Here in North Carolina there are many rural churches that are declining in numbers so desperately charges are growing and others are considering the cooperative parrish model. I served 3 years as an associate pastor at a 4 point charge in a town with a total of nearly 10 churches of all denominations but only 1 full time Pastor, 1 associate Pastor and a couple of supply and retired pastors. The county I served in has only 700 people in attendance in the Methodist churches there yet their pastoral comp is over a million dollars. The average pastoral comp for a church of 700 does not exceed a million dollars. For situations like this county circuit riding would probably be the best thing in the world for them. Think of the work they could do for the kingdom with out having to pay so much in pastoral comp. It would be a great experience for the young clergy to experience life in some of these generationally poor counties.

Wendy R Bishop more than 2 years ago