Addressing the Root Causes of the Crisis of Younger Clergy



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These comments are interesting: "Among the many factors involved are enlistment efforts, seminary culture, the candidacy and ordination processes, seminary tuition and debt, the adequacy of clergy compensation, appointment practices, support structures for young clergy, and generational differences between younger clergy and older congregants." One factor over looked by the author is that proportionately conservative seminaries are seeing less decline. Particularly, Baptist and congregational seminaries are seeing less decline. The structures in place to appoint clergy do not recognize pastoral effectiveness in connectionalism. In congregationalism, a successful pastor can move at their own will to more vibrant congregations where earning potential and the reach of the pastor in discipleship is greater. Everyone wants greater control of their destiny. And, older congregations can be punitive toward younger clergy who desire a more effective ministry that may upset the status quo. Pastors with great potential and great skill can make a greater impact without the oversight of a bishop.

Jeff Lucas more than 1 year ago