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Clergy Under Complaint: A Broken Process



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Which Is More Important to Live by...

the BoD or Matthew 7:12?

L Boyd Lucas 280 days ago

Complaints, harm and Vows

Very clearly Rev. Ensz and many others have decided that "doing no harm" overrules any vows taken or BoD requirements, and that "doing no harm" means we must bless LBGTQ+ unions in the church. As has surely been mentioned before, "doing no harm" could quite legitimately be construed to mean "don't bless unholy unions" -- the harm coming from anguish felt by those faithful to Scripture and from damage against our established, shared and confirmed Discipline.
It's also worth pointing out that the statement "everything that follows is outside of the parameters of confidentiality as proscribed in The Book of Discipline" carries irony since Rev. Ensz clearly doesn't support the BoD -- why bother to respect any parameters in a book one does not uphold?

David Kingsworthy 293 days ago