For Some Pastors, the Past Year Was a Sign from God it Was Time to Quit



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The Future

All I can say is wow! We read and hear the same thing across all main-line denominations. The churches that rolled over to government mandates are suffering. Our church, pastored by two bi-vocational pastors, has grown during the pandemic. Our new members have told us that have rediscovered the Bible. We closed for five weeks in April and early may 2020 then decided to reopen (being in Texas we were allowed to remain open). Only two members contracted Covid. Many people see Covid as a death sentence to churches. We see Covid as separating the wheat from the chaff. As we network with other biblically-based conservative churches we hear the same thing - ministries have grown and even new ministries started. No one can blame pastors for leaving a church that may split. But trying to find employment was a liberal arts degree and seminary degree is challenging. There's simply not much market value to a liberal arts degree. As pastors, we advise young folks headed to ministry to pursue a degree (education, engineering, accounting, finance) that has market value and then go to seminary. Bi-vocational pastors are the future in churches that stick to the basics, are lean on programs, and that focus on teaching the bible.

Jeff more than 1 year ago