Ginny Mikita, 8 Clergy Speak Out on Michigan Gay Wedding Complaints

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Ginny Mikita and UMC Polity

Frankly I think the BOD should just be thrown out--the lawlessness exhibited by the Michigan church pastors, just makes the BOD look like a joke. They want to have whatever they want. It is a mute point to continue the charade. Just have a polity procedure, but ethics? that is so 80's.

Dave more than 5 years ago


This document was signed by a Bishop and at least one District Superintendent over 5 months ago, and is only now being disclosed. This is a lack of transparency from a church that in theory is committed to openness. This lack of transparency is designed to hide the lack of accountability and integrity from our leadership.

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

the enemy hates clarity more than 5 years ago


I agree, 5 months and counting and not even reported in the Michigan conference. Also probably will ask pastors in conference to do 'discussion' but will most likely never disclose or mention that why the pastors are being asked to discussis in fact because of this 'just resolution' agreement reached. Which is the same outcome as previous 'just resolution'

David more than 5 years ago


I think we should just pitch the BOD. It obvious that clergy and bishops are doing what they want to do (see "just resolution"). The BOD isn't being follow, all the UMC needs is a polity structure--ethics? following the rules of the BOD when you were ordained? that is so 80's

Dave more than 5 years ago

Michigan Gay Wedding Complaints

Thank you for the good work that went into presenting a clear account of the facts here. Am more than relieved to know that Ms. Mikita continues in her good work as both a member of The UMC and a candidate for ordination.

Christy Thomas more than 5 years ago