Human Law and the Law of God’s Spirit

MEMO for Those Who Preach



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Rev. Burrow,
I read this post this AM. It primed me for the online church service of my local church where the same scriptures were presented. It was after the service I posted the first comment. Then this afternoon I was reading Our Bodies Tell God’s Story by Christopher West and felt led to send another comment. Although the passage was in reference to erotic or sexual lust or passion, I thought it applicable to any form of passion (or advocacy) that supplants following Jesus and sharing his love. “Growing in purity (substitute holiness) certainly demands human effort, but we are also aided by supernatural grace. Here it’s crucial to distinguish between indulgence, repression, and redemption. When lust flares up, most people think they have only two choices: indulge or repress. If these are the only options, which one looks more ‘holy’? Repression. Yet there is another way! Rather than repressing lust by pushing it into the subconscious, trying to ignore it, or otherwise seeking to annihilate it, we must surrender our lusts to Christ and allow him to crucify them. As we do, the spirit of the Lord gives new form to our desires.”

Scott S 343 days ago


I suspect the writer will find little or no comment in disagreement with discrimination based on race being evil, sinful, and inconsistent with “the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus.” In the U.S.A., we have federal law that confirms this and has been in place now for many years.
The MEMO and the scripture references got me to thinking many things, but especially my observation in recent years that “The law of the Spirit of life” is not something that seems to be guiding many of our UMC bishops, elders, and deacons, particularly in the U.S.A.. How does one know if one is being led by the Holy Spirit of the living God or by the spirit of error, or as Romans 8 describes it, “the mind of sinful man” (v. 6)? “... the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.” (vv. 7;8).
I invite us all to every day consider if our advocacy is for the laws of God that can set us free or to the laws of man that appear to be leading us to decadence, decay, hatred of God and His laws, lawlessness, and chaos.

Scott S 344 days ago