Judith Craig, Pioneering Woman Bishop, Dies at 82



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Bishop Judith Craig

So many memories, joyful ones, of Bishop Judith Craig. That laugh -- often laughing at herself. Those hands on your shoulder as she teased or counseled or intermingled the two and you didn't realize you had been "schooled" until the next afternoon. Those eyes -- that voice. Losing dear Judy in this hour in the life of our church is heartrending. It seems we are have been "trading down" as a denomination. Giving away our legacy, our commitment to loving acceptance for all we seem to want to exchange open hearts and doors of welcome for the exclusion of those who would build fences of fear. The church has lost a great visionary leader. She was mentored by another great, Bishop Jim Thomas. Her death comes at the same time as that of poet Mary Oliver. Let me suggest that Judy offered us the poetry of a life well lived of poetry in action. Or as Mary Oliver might say, Judy "didn't end up simply visiting the world." She was indeed "a bride to amazement." I give thanks for the witness, the joy, the friendship of Judith Craig... and I know her expansive witness will endure and thrive in places we do not yet see, no matter the petty politics of the current United Methodist Church.

Philip Amerson more than 2 years ago