Pastors, Take Care of Yourselves!



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On the above post: From where will our support appear?

It's high time that Bishops, District Superintendents and Conference mental health professionals get their ears on. I've never understood why D.S.'s more or less refuse to step in when requested. We are fortunate here in Iowa that we've had Bishops take things in hand, and D.S.'s too. On the other hand our experience is that the Superintendents are also human, and suffer the same anxieties, particularly in these last 20 years when it seems that everything is up for grabs. The influence of congregationalist-style churches is rampant in part of our state, and ignorance makes it worse. The rise of bullying from all directions doesn't just occur on the playground -- it's in the pews, too, and in the Admin. Council and Trustees meetings. Sometimes nobody is any better at it than SPRC's. Iowa has also had its 'share' of clergy suicides. I'm relieved that I'm retired, after 9 years of 'incapacity leave,' and glad that I was able to teach music, and play piano and organ for as long as I have. K+

KENNETH SUETTERLIN more than 1 year ago