Things To Think About When Preaching Palm Sunday (Horse Thievery Addressed)



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The Temple

According to the eye witness accounts of Josephus and others, the present day Dome of the Rock platform was occupied in biblical times by a 600 x 600 foot Antonia Fortress on the north and a 600 x 600 foot "temple" on the south. The Temple proper occupied only part of this and was restricted to purified Jews. This was surrounded by a barrier with warning signs that other faced death if they entered. Two of these signs have survived. The remainder of the southern section was open to all and contained a basilica, a multipurpose building central to first rate Roman cities. Herod made a point of having such a thing in Jerusalem. One of the functions of the basilica was a shopping mall where souvenirs and religious needs were sold, and money changed. Bringing foreign money with a graven image of a ruler into the restricted area was deemed improper. So the money changers were not exactly in the Temple, though nearby. The actual location of the Temple is much debated, but likely not at the site of the Rock.

David H. Fox 363 days ago

Psalm Sunday??

"Psalms" or "Psalm" instead of "palm" occurs twice. Must be that Richard's spell-check has no Christian background or memory. Not to worry! Cynthia and many other Methodists will read "Psalm Sunday" as "Palm Sunday" and not even think about it. Especially this time of year.

Wayne 364 days ago