Transgender Person Commissioned by Northern Illinois Conference



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Barclay came out as a lesbian in a same sex relationship. Since the latest judicial council ruling that would be grounds to put a stop on her path to ordination. By identifying as some sort of in between gender she can now claim that she is not in a same sex relationship. It is a narrow loophole but with a cooperative ministry board it is enough.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

This act and the reasons to justify it

prove just how loose the connection already is within the UMC. This connection can not get any looser and still be considered a connection! It is already a free-for all, anything goes. The UMC needs to get a more realistic grasp of its own history: The concept of connection originated within early Methodism when people decided to connect themselves to John Wesley and his specific set of understandings and beliefs. John Wesley's beliefs DID NOT include the belief that theological plurality within a specific faith tradition is helpful; in fact, he left the society at Fetter Lane and moved to The Foundry because he was frustrated with the theological plurality at Fetter Lane. When it came to what was taught and preached at the societies under his supervision and care, John Wesley was very particular and restrictive. The UMC ceased to be truly Methodist in nature when a set of Bishops decided that doing Christian work was more important than what we believe about God and ourselves. We have exceeded Wesley's fears that Methodism would become the form of religion without the power--we no longer even know what form our religion should take because we no longer have a particular set of beliefs in common that would truly connect us to each other.

Betsy more than 2 years ago

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