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I've written on my own blog about the lack of front porches. I grew up visiting with relatives and friends on my the big wrap around front porch of my grand parents in their small farming community. Now, houses are built with what can only liberally be called a faux front porch. We have walled ourselves in. We live in air conditioned homes, where we don't even want to go outside (and even when we do, it's to the deck in back where we control who comes by).

We hit the internet to get the news from sources that report stories slanted to our point of view. We go into our attached garage in the morning, get into our air conditioned car, push the automatic garage door button, back out and go to work, only to reverse that in the evenings.

We no longer join bowling leagues, or engage in other social activities. We can do it all at home on our game system. We've walled off our world, and sanitized our world to avoid being exposed to anyone or anything that makes us uncomfortable, or forces us to think about other people and their positions and ideas, and we are paying a terrible price for that in our society, as we, less and less, think of others.

BJohnM more than 5 years ago

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