Along The Way: Tending the Flock



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Right now there is no focus on the people

Of any stripe! This is not only hurting LGBTQIA+ persons, this is hurting everybody who trusted the church. I spent my adult life as a dedicated, church-going United Methodist thinking I would finally gain a clear insight into who God is and who I am. Ultimately, the local church left me so confused and broken I had to set out on my own to discover a God worth worshiping. I also now know that I have been part of nothing more than an experiment in theological plurality that is failing spectacularly. I fully understand why the American UMC is in the midst of 50+ years of numerical decline that has the potential to make it disappear regardless of what GC2020 decides about the future of the church re sexuality. John Wesley never approached individuals with a social justice initiative that promoted inclusiveness. He always started with a clear and consistent gospel message, something the American UMC no longer possesses. So just keep arguing about sexuality, keep your focus on the LGBTQIA+ persons while other people keep walking away because they are tired of a church that no longer knows who it is and what it is that it needs to be teaching!

betsy more than 1 year ago

along the way 142, Ashley refers to E. Stanley Jones as a "non-Methodist evangelical." She has helpful information and honestly declares she is writing through the lens of queer theory, using "sexuality as the launching point through which to examine all other aspects of society" (p 6). All that said, it is crucial for all the players to engage one another with respect, civility and through the lens of Genesis 1, that all are created in God's image. Stereotype advances no Christian cause, whether from left, right or among self-avowed practicing centrists!

Bob more than 1 year ago