Ask the UMC: How Do We Love Our Enemies?



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I am a relative pacifist. The problem I see with pacifism and the 'love your enemies' approach is, my enemies rejoice in my supposed 'weakness' and goes for the jugular.

People who are evil eat people like me for lunch.

I worry that we liberal pacifists are setting up a world were evil wins every time because we refuse to fight.

Ben more than 4 years ago

Radical/Holy Love

Requires that you respect the people who disagree with you--a concept that is completely lost on many progressives within the UMC. If you want people to respect you and your beliefs then you have to respect theirs. The cause of justice is not served when, in the pursuit of justice for one group of people, you run all over those who disagree with you--which is exactly what has been happening within the denomination since GC2012 when progressives decided it was time to force the whole church to embrace their particular set of beliefs. And just for the record, according to Wesley's sermon "The Catholic Spirit", a person willy nilly abandoning their beliefs simply because somebody else demands it of them is NOT the mark of a person of a truly catholic spirit!

Betsy more than 4 years ago

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