Taking the Bible Literally and Not Literarily



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Genesis – Merely Poetry?

When reading God's Word in the Bible, it should always be assumed that it needs to be read in a literal sense. There are exceptions, such as when Jesus said if your eye offends you (Matthew 5:29) pluck it out and throw it away. Jesus point is that we need to remove temptations to evil no matter what the cost. Christ is very serious about our need for self-discipline. Whether it's an adulterous affair with strong feelings or a same-sex relationship and this may not be easy to hear, but “500 Questions and Answers from the Bible” tells us Jesus' solution is end these immediately and decisively like throwing out an eye – with all the hurt and finality that such an act will involve. There is a cost to following Christ as Bonhoeffer noted in “The Cost of Discipleship.” The “Cheap Grace” he spoke of is not what you want. And remember, Jesus has already promised that those who mourn will be comforted and those who are pure of heart will see God. Those who really follow Him will be rewarded in grand fashion - like you can't imagine!

Skipper more than 2 years ago

Context matters

How many days did creation take? Why write about it twice?

Do you disbelieve in dinosaurs?

You literally believe in a global flood? Where did all the water go?

Why doesn't the anyone in the Bible speak out against slavery?

I have a million questions for literalists. I'm hoping you'll start with these.

JR more than 2 years ago

Yes, but...

I honestly think one of the problems with that is that we'll have a sermon or reading that is only a couple of verses out of a particular book of the Bible.

NONE of that is discussed in the greater context.

I imagine that there are Bible studies that discuss this point, but let's be honest - most of the people that want to lead or go to a Bible study want it to be pretty straightforward. Plain reading is EASY, what you propose requires a lot more effort.

JR more than 2 years ago

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