The Wind Is Not Always God



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Learn from Bernie

Get with the winds of change that offers the promise of a more just and compassionate world. Young people are not looking for spiritual comfort food. Or a megachurch blast from the past. They see the need for radical change. Corporate repentance. Get rid of the donut holes. Organize a protest march on behalf of the poor and homeless next to the campus. Get with the struggle and you will find the wind at your back instead of in your face.

Sarah Flynn more than 5 years ago

I think Sarah is correct

Young United Methodists have mostly heard how much they are loved by God as they grew up. They don't need to keep hearing it. They also know that the Church exists to be God's loving hands in a world filled with pain. If you want to get the students involved, help them find ways to be the Church collectively. The young person who bought you coffee clearly knows how to be the hands of God as an individual. Young people are not inflamed by preaching, no matter how great it may be. They don't need to be convicted, converted, or saved by a preacher. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. And if they are United Methodists, they should already be assured of their salvation. They know they are called to be the Church. If you want to be their pastor, help them to find the way God is calling them to be God's loving hands in this world. Preach first by your example, and then they will want to hear your words, as well.

L Fields more than 5 years ago

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