What Can Jesus's Life and Times Teach Us About Our Own Life and Times?



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Jesus the man and Jesus the Christ

Are one complete package that cannot be separated. Jesus the man did not challenge Roman occupation and lost. Jesus the man and Christ challenged the Jews' perception of God as well as what it means to be the people of God and ultimately won for all of us.

"Matthew is interested here, and in what follows in the Passion narrative, in emphasizing that what happened during this week was a fulfillment of one prophecy after another. Part of the reason for this is not just that Jesus did some unusual and unexpected things, but especially that no one was expecting a crucified Messiah, not even Jesus’ disciples, despite what he kept telling them. Citing scriptures repeatedly is Matthew’s way of saying this was God’s plan all along, however much it did not meet the expectations of the crowds, the authorities, and even the disciples. Jesus did not come to meet their expectations or demands, but rather to do God’s will, and God’s will was that his Son fulfill the prophecies and ransom captive Israel. He also came to meet our needs." https://www.seedbed.com/when-love-comes-to-town-jesus-triumphal-entry-a-study-of-matthew-21/

betsy more than 2 years ago

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