What to Do When Things Don't Go Your Way



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At a certain point

I prayed all GC that we would leave a unified Church. We didn't. And at first I was very angry, But then I got to the nitty grity of asking what is next. And I can't focus on what is next if I am angry. I can't focus on it if I am blaming. I never took MLK's Letter from a Birmingham jail seriously until now. From a distance it seemed pie in the sky and naive. But being in the thick of a civil rights battle now on multiple fronts, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" rings far differently now. So I stopped being angry at them whoever they are and started focusing on what would a just and loving community look like in a Methodist context. I have started to share this across the country through my writing now. I realize that in other countries the values are beyond my influence. And frankly, I don't care. Its not the fight I am call to. The fight I am called too is the fight of realizing Christ through the community of the beloved. I realize that as an American "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". Sometimes you have to cut vines from a tomato plant to create new stronger plants because the original vine has issues. I am going to fight to cut a vine of acceptance and to grow a new stronger plant. In Jesus name!

eric more than 2 years ago

On Leaving & On Building

UMC friends: Do you please watch this video on the life of the Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this little film illustrates far more eloquently than I could hope to the reasons why I feel that the United Methodist Church is no longer a home for Queer folk and those who believe their inclusion in its life is essential to the Church’s character and mission.
Was Richard Allen then, and the denomination he founded and its members today, any less Methodist than the UMC? I’d say not.
Friends, your home has been burned to the ground and there is a little left there for you to return to. Certainly you cannot live in what is left.
I’m afraid I have to tell you the time has come for all of us to emulate Richard Allen and to do what he did: shake the dust off our shoes, move on to something new and build up something worthwhile that will continue to do the work of the church – a work that the UMC through it’s adoption of the WCA’s traditional plan has forfeited.


Bill Courson more than 2 years ago

Moral guidance - but for the "losers"

Hmmm. Those are worthy instructions for the ... "losers". I'm not being sarcastic. Everyone who fails to get his or her way may be reassured or inspired by your wise and practical advice. But I wonder if it' a good thing to characterise. quite a large number of Methodists - who did not support the Traditional Plan - as losers, failures? And this is what's happening. The supporters of the Traditional Plan have no compunctions about portraying themselves as winners, victors. Their discourse is full of references to their "fight", being "armed", "retaking" some sort of battleground, even "sticking to their guns". At St Louis they burst into a fit of hymn singing, clearly praising themselves as saints who had just enforced the law of Jesus. And let us remember the savage new penalties which have been introduced for those who flout [their interpretation of] divine law. Their leaders, meanwhile, e.g. in the WCA, have said their success in St Louis is not enough. So obviously the war will go on - there will be new ... offensives. Further demands. Further manifestations - yes, this is exactly how I've witnessed it - of triumphalist gloating. So maybe it would be wise to give the the winners some moral guidance too?

Mevakesh Derech more than 2 years ago

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