Racial-Ethnic Lead Pastors Look at Challenges of Tall-Steeple Churches



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Cross-cultural and cross-racial appointments

I am delighted to read of this effort. We in the California-Nevada AC have been providing support and coaching both to clergy and to congregations in such appointments for over 8 years. My research sponsored by GBHEM focused on cc/cr appointments across the denomination and resulted in 2 books based on the findings and recommendations. To learn of the specific attention to clergy pastoring cross-culturally/cross-racially in large congregations is encouraging. I look forward to the continued conversations and learnings.

Lucia Ann McSpadden more than 9 years ago

Cross Racial appointments

I believe the same dynamics are at play whether it is a church of 100 or 1000....The location, the local politics, who the lay leadership is and to some extent the conference........Is not there a meeting of pastors in cross racial appointments coming up in Philadelphia soon....???/

William Pace more than 9 years ago