Seattle UMC to Continue Scouting-Type Program



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sometimes it takes 2 steps

I agree that this compromise is untenable but it was probably necessary. There was too big a leap to full inclusion for folks who think homosexuality is a sin. It's easier for them to accept youth who identify as gay than adults who are "practicing gays." I believe within a short amount of time, the BSA will take the next step and accept gay leaders. A similar thing happened with the Affordable Care Act which will hopefully lead to a single payer system which excludes no one. And maybe even the UMC will get to full equality by first the Bishops or the Connectional Table propose some kind of acceptance of gay pastors and same sex marriage without changing the Discipline.

Jeff more than 7 years ago

Halfway measures never work

The BSA's strategy to allow gay youth but not gay leaders was untenable from the start. Bureaucratic minds perceived it as a compromise which would satisfy all, but instead it alientated everyone. The right wing freaked out and started their own little youth indoctrination program, and looking toward more progressive folks, this was inevitable. The stupid attempt at compromise just fractured things further. Better to have totally embraced LGBT folk than this travesty. The only thing in the middle of the road is a yellow stripe or a dead armadillo.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago